Information Governance helps an organization focus on its most valuable asset – data.

Information Governance includes information management, records management, content management, asset data management, data privacy, and compliance monitoring. The policies, processes, and tools regulate the flow of information across an organization.

At TrailBlazer, we develop Information Design solutions for our clients.

Going through a merger, acquisition, or spinoff?

TrailBlazer supports our clients in identifying, separating, and migrating data to enable spinoff companies to hit the ground running.

Looking to implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system for your organization?

TrailBlazer’s experience with collecting requirements, designing request for proposals (RFPs), holding and evaluating vendor demonstrations, negotiating vendor pricing models, project management, and implementation support are unparalleled.

Implementation Considerations
Prioritize efficiency gains and critical business processesLet policy and process drive technology decisions
Balance risk and valueConsider impact on employees

What problem are you trying to solve?

Can you find the data that you need? Is your supporting documentation traceable, verifiable, and complete?

Looking for more Information Governance Services?

TrailBlazer takes a practical, real-world approach to helping organizations maintain regulatory and recordkeeping compliance.

Our Process-Centric Taxonomy is built by linking to the Functions and Processes of your organization.

Function – Business activity conducted in support of an organization’s mission, i.e., what needs to be accomplished.

Process – Activity conducted in support of a function, i.e., how it gets accomplished.

This same Process-Centric approach is used to design, refresh, and update Records Retention Schedules facilitating implementation activity by incorporating organizational nomenclature.

We design and implement information governance solutions that best fit our client’s needs. Our individualized recommendations stem from an expert assessment and analysis of your current information landscape.

Our experience shows that organizations have similar information governance challenges, but not all organizations have the same tolerance for risk. Gauging an organization’s tolerance for risk is a skill that can only come from having years of experience in the field.