Contract Logix and TrailBlazer Consulting partner to help energy organizations digitally transform contract lifecycle management (CLM)

Partners release new White Paper outlining the critical importance of asset-driven CLM to maximize asset value and mitigate risk.

Lowell, MA – Month Day, 2024 – Contract Logix, a leading provider of data-driven contract management software, and TrailBlazer Consulting, a consultancy specializing in asset-centric information design, today announce a strategic partnership to help energy organizations accelerate their digital transformation through asset-driven contract lifecycle management (CLM). This formalized partnership comes in the wake of a five-year collaboration between the two companies as they worked together supporting energy companies in achieving their CLM goals.

Whether focused on fossil fuels or renewable energy sources, in production/generation or distribution, energy organizations face an increasingly competitive landscape, a rapidly changing regulatory environment, and complex information governance requirements. Contract Logix and TrailBlazer combine contract and asset data management expertise to provide commercial, legal, and operations leaders in all sectors of the energy industry with a blueprint to maximize asset revenue and mitigate business risk through CLM.